Shopping Guide

Tap Size Guide

Let's start out by getting familiar with the tap measurements.

This will help you decide if the taps are a good fit for your kitchen or bathroom.

1 Tap Total Height

The total height of the tap is measured from the tap's base to its highest point. It's important to consider the tap's total height prior to installation, making sure there are no overhanging shelves or cupboards that may obstruct its use.

2 Spout Height

When measuring the spout height, you'll want to start at the base of the tap and measure up to the spout's opening. Pay extra attention to long-necked taps with low spouts, as they may not be convenient with shallow sinks.

3 Spout Length

For the spout length we'll be taking a horizontal measurement along the widest side of the tap. Be sure to measure from the very back of the base to the furthest extending part of the spout.

4 Spout Width

For spout width, take a horizontal measurement along the tap's narrow side.

5 Installation Hole Distance

To measure the installation holes, find the tap's hot and cold water sources and mark their distance from each other. Measure from the center point of each opening.

6 Pull-out Sprayer Hose Length

To find the sprayer hose length, simply extend the sprayer all the way and measure from the tip of the spout to the base of the hose. Consider the size of the sink area. Make sure there's enough room to utilize the sprayer and take advantage of the extended hose.